Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Becoming a Teacher in the state of Pennsylvania

This Power Point that was created to walk people through the steps of becoming a teacher in the state of Pennsylvania. Not only could this be informational for a new teacher, but also for those who are looking to move from their Level I certification to their Level II Certification.

Gender Based Curriculum

I conducted research on the pros and cons of a Gender Based Curriculum and Classroom. The results were very interesting and allowed educators to think about the circumstances that they encounter. The presentation includes a video from You Tube as well as a video from CNN Accent Health.

Author Study Project

I created an Author Study Project as an example for my Language Arts Students. They will be researching an author and putting a Power Point Presentation together using their skills learned in computer class.

Webquest and Webquest Rubric

This is the Webquest that I put together for my students to use in our SS curriculum. They will pretend that they are travel agents and they need to do a little research about China in order to compile a travel brochure for visitors. I plan on using this next year in class. The rubric for the project is below.